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Every prom car hire service that we provide in Nottingham becomes the talk of the town. In fact, your school mates will want to compare their prom car services to yours. Since we’ve been delivering unusual prom transport for over a decade, you can trust us to meet your special requests. We have gained enough experience that allows us to help you create a prom party that is both thrilling and memorable. 

Themed Prom Cars Nottingham

Prom Limo Hire Nottingham

We provide themed prom cars for hire throughout Nottingham. These prom cars are luxurious, comfortable, and in good condition, making them ideal for any themed party. With our large fleet of prom car hire in Nottingham, you can be sure to get the perfect car for your dream party. 

We have prom cars that can fit the theme colors of your party, with a spacious interior to fit your group of friends. 

Here is A list of prom cars for hire in Nottingham

Or maybe you just need something a bit more familiar, like the Hummer prom limo hire Nottingham. Everyone in Nottingham knows that no party is complete without a prom  Hummer limousine.

We Can Convert Your Prom Limo Hire Into Unusual Prom Transport.

Prom Limousine Hire Nottingham
  • Since everyone else at the prom is showing up in a limo, why not go the extra mile and request our unusual prom transport ideas? You can decide to go for our vintage car hire Nottingham or modern luxury car rental Nottingham. The choice is yours. 

    You can depend on us for a memorable prom limo hire experience. unusual vehicle hire for proms. Browse through our fleet page and dial 01158240883 or get in touch with us via our online form. We supply unusual prom cars both within and outside Nottingham.  

Car Rentals For Prom Near Me

  • Bringing the party to your party doorstep is one of our ways to ensure that your prom celebration starts early. You don’t have to stress much because once you search for “car rentals for prom near me”, our website will definitely pop up. Explore our fleet page to choose your unusual prom transport and contact us to confirm the availability of the car. Once you have confirmed, you just have to sit back and your prom car hire Nottingham will just find you wherever you are. 

    All we want is for your school prom party to run smoothly, as we’ll take all the stress of thinking about your ground transportation. We take pride in seeing that you are pleased with the service you have requested.

Why Choose Us For Your Luxury Car Rental In Nottingham? 

Prom Car Hire Nottingham
  • In simple terms, booking with us means that you are booking with the cream of the crop. As we started by expressing our passion for luxury car rental Nottingham you can see we are perfect for your prom transfer. Also, all of our prom cars are in perfect condition and can provide that perfect environment for the prom party.

    What’s even more interesting is that we have prom hummers that can accommodate both medium-sized and large-sized groups of passengers. Split the cost of your prom hummer today among the group. It’ll be even cheaper than you think! 

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